Reliable Technology

Reliable's corporate headquarters features enterprise-level servers which are used to host the proprietary Reliable technology package.

The technology package was designed with three key points in mind: communication, good customer service, and instant results.  All aspects of the package focus on these three points.

Reliable was the first inspection company with real time photographs and service reports. All technicians carry tablets with high-quality cameras, which they use to photograph the inspection process and also complete a detailed (and retailer-customizable) service report.  This report is transferred to Reliable's headquarters in real time.  The report and the photographs can be viewed by the retailer within 24 hours after it has already been viewed by one of our customer support specialists.

Reliable was also the first inspection company to have an automated, real time customer contact system.

Every customer who provides an accurate phone number is guaranteed to receive a time frame call, because the system, rather than the technician, makes these calls.  Specifically, the customer receives an automated call the evening before service with the customer's inspection window, as well as some preliminary instructions for the inspection process.  This call is repeated the morning of the service.

The customer also receives an additional call when the service technician is on the way to the customer's home. This is because the system monitor's the technician’s stop-completion and knows to notify the next customer when the inspector leaves a home.

In the unlikely event that there is some kind of emergency or delay, the system has accommodation for this as well. The technicians simply press a few buttons on their hand-held to send a distress signal to the MatTech system.  The system will then automatically call the customers to let them know that there is a delay, and will give an estimate of how long the delay will be.

After the inspection is completed, the retailer has the option of having the inspector give an electronic survey to the customers.  The survey results are stored and can be analyzed in various ways using the system.

Finally, Reliable is the only inspection company that can provide real-time analytics data.

The Reliable analytics system allows manufacturers to track the defect ratio of each style of mattress as a percentage of the total number of inspections, and will show the total number of inspections per style as well as a summary of the results of those inspections.  The analytics system breaks down this data into various useful formats.  This is useful to track which styles produce the highest or lowest defect ratio, as well as which styles receive the most complaints.

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