Reliable Company History

The roots of Reliable Furniture Services of America lie with Charles Conigliaro, the company's President and CEO.  Mr. Conigliaro began his journey in the furniture industry as a manufacturer.  He ran a successful manufacturing operation for many years before shifting his focus to the service aspect of the industry.  During his time as both a manufacturer and service expert, Mr. Conigliaro noticed many opportunities where the service sector could be improved.

Since Mr. Conigliaro's entry into the service sector, he has successfully operated Reliable Furniture Services -- MatTech's sister company -- for over twenty years.  Although Reliable started as a single-state operation, it progressively grew into the nation's largest furniture service company.

During his many years of operations at Reliable, Mr. Conigliaro saw numerous concerns with the way that mattress inspections were being conducted.  He noticed that the current methods were inaccurate, not standardized, and were often unprofessional.  He sought to change this to provide better customer service, and more accurate results and a lower return rate for retailers.

The result of his efforts was the MatTech System.  This system combines technology, friendly customer service, and a patented, proprietary inspection device and toolkit to produce the industry's best results -- no strings attached.

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